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Publié : 18 février 2018

Anglais : Happy New Year !

Happy New Year 2018

May this new year be joyful and filled with good surprises
for you and your families !

- Let’s learn about the British traditions for New Year and New Year’s Eve :

Traditions in Great Britain 1

Traditions in Great Britain 2

- What about discovering the American traditions for New Year ?

Traditions in the USA

- These were the fireworks For New Year In London in 2011 :

- And this is how New Year was celebrated in Time Square in New York :

- Would you like to sing to start this new year ?

Auld Lang Syne, a famous song for New Year in the UK :

Auld Lang Syne, sung by Suzie McNeil :

New Year’s Day, a song by U2 :

New Year’s Day, a karaoke version :

- You know that when we start a new year we always make good resolutions, what are yours ?

New year’s resolutions